Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We move from a band with a fair dosage of covers to a band whose set list was entirely spawned elsewhere: Lodi, New Jersey to be precise. As you might have guessed, The Misclits are an all-female Misfits tribute band. They started things off with Legacy of Brutality's Hybrid Moments, then went on to Angelfuck, Last Caress, Where Eagles Dare, Some Kinda Hate, We Are 138, Bullet, Skulls, Astro Zombies. I'm just a little surprised they didn't cover Ghoul's Night Out ... What, no London Dungeon!?!

Sara rocks the devil-lock; Morgan had one too, but it's a little harder to make out.

Barb handles the keys.

Feline and White Wire Allie drums. She also rolls with the Blackhearts as Crimson Bitch.

Morgan and and a devil-locked Erin throw in some woah-ohs.

The whole lot!

Audience action!

Woah-oh-along action!

And so on!

They played most recently at the Punk Rock Karaoke night, backing a number of would-be-Danzigs. No word on future activities.

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