Friday, December 26, 2008

Shore thing

It's cold outside - to borrow a turn of phrase from pre-Raspberries combo The Choir - but it's plenty sung in The Rocker Room. The space underneath The James St. Pub is probably Ottawa's smallest venue that isn't somebody's basement or living room. On the other hand, the nice low white ceiling and walls are handy for flash-bouncing photographers like me. Even better, this show boasted a couple of really exciting bands.

Manic frat-rockers Beach Blankets started things off by launching happy face inflatable balls into the audience.

Singer Muddy is allegedly in some rap acts, organist Meaty also played bass in The Holy Cobras.

Former Sick Fits and current Mother's Children frontman Mike Hurtz handles the traps.

Fellow Sick Fit and Mother's Child KJ enters the guitar zone.

This is a not very good picture of bassist Andy, who some of you (but not me) may recall playing with The Cryptomaniacs at Irene's back in June 2006.

And now ... beach party action!

Muddy shows off his girlish figure.

Meaty reaches the tipping point.

Muddy sings!

Meaty goes ape!

I've heard Muddy has a monkey on his back.

Big interpretive dance finish!

Definitely one of the most fun sets I've seen this year.

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