Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grand theft mustelidae

Halifax's Stolen Minks are a punky trio: Steph, Erica and Tiina. They go along really well with Shanker + Romps, being a shouty, bouncy sort of garage rock trio; I find songs like Chugalug very shankerandrompsian. What you can hear on line is occasionally a bit goofy (Batman You're The Sex, for instance); live they're a bit more aggro - but isn't it always that way when you toss in a heap of extra volume?

I think this is Steph.

I think this is Tiina - who does really spell her name with a double-i.

I think this is Erica on drums. I'm fairly certain about the drums part.

Rhythm section action!

The whole lot.

More Tiina!

Erica sings!

As does Steph.

Singalong action!

Non-singalong action!

They've blogged about their tours on Exclaim; you can even see me poking out of the side of the frame in their post about Ottawa.

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