Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mr. Dressup

I love the Brutal Knights. They're a lot of fun, and their idiot savant humour is something that we really don't see enough of in the hardcore punk rock scene. I'd heard the band sometimes wore costumes for shows, but they skipped out on the fancy dress on the previous occasions I've seen them at The Dominion and Barrymore's. Not so this time, where they really went the extra mile ... well, except for Nick who just wore a wig.

Those Knights. And a very inconvenient pole hiding Katie G. Warrior and drummer John Powers. I still don't know who their new bassist is.

I think Nick had something written on his chest in gel, but whatever it was it's illegible now.

There goes the wig.

Nick bending action!

The crowd was into it, of course.

John rocks the Speedo.

Nick sheds his pants.

Pole-hugging action! I'm glad someone likes it.

Big finish!

For some reason they played Miami, Florida last night. No other word on upcoming shows, but I'm sure they'll be playing here sometime.

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