Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steel yourself

The Arkells are a robust rocking combo from Canada's Steeltown, Hamilton. Their working class town origins has led a few folks (myself included) to lump them into the current vogue among indie rockers for Bruce Springsteen. After listening to their music outside a live setting I can't say the comparison is entirely incorrect, but The Boss is just one of a few influences. I think they sound a bit like Joel Plaskett. Fun fact: A few weeks after this show they played the Vanier Cup halftime show at Ivor Wynne stadium.

Max Kerman is the main singer and also plays guitar.

A very shadowy Nick Dika rocks the bass.

Mike DeAngelis puts his SG through its paces.

Dan Griffin puts his weight on the keyboards.

Tim Oxford selects a drumstick.

Face to face action!

Rockin' stage right!

Rockin' stage left! (Sorry it's a bit fuzzy - they moved.)

And finally some clapping action.

They were back on stage later on to help Matt Mayes with a big finale.

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