Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hoedown explosion

In the dark dank depths of November - on Remembrance Day, that is - I trotted over to Mavericks to check out a smorgasbord of metal. Many flavours were on offer, starting with Montreal's Barn Burner. They're fairly gangly lot, who I thought sounded pretty enamoured of the technical end of metal. On the other hand we're not talking Dragonforce-esque power metal here. Listening to their recorded stuff is more like some Man's Ruin space rock like Sons of Otis - perhaps that's just the vocals being higher in the mix.

Here we go from left to right: Guitarist and main singer Chevy, bassist Rick, guitarist Huey and drummer Tay Tay Gnar Gnar.

Singalong action!

Solid gold bass action!

Wide stance action!

Yet more singing. I did slate their vocals a bit on my post-show roundup ... they sound much better in the studio.

Huey not only sports a choker, he also had a bowler for part of the set. Those Montrealers are so fashion conscious.

GGTT in a New York state of mind.


Not a bad option to check out should they come through town again.

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