Friday, December 05, 2008

Infection and conviction

It's been a month and change since Belgium's The Kids came through town as part of a tiny two-date tour through North America (Montreal was the other lucky city). The compilation of their first two records is out on a Montreal label, so I can't help but wonder if there is some deeper connection to that city. As for the show itself, two local punk bands opened things up. Critical Convictions and Germ Attak! were the fortunate two and both put on really solid sets. I didn't take too many shots because there was a big crowd of moshing punks in front of the stage.

Maxx rocks the smock. Guitarist And (just "And") is behind her.

She's a shouty gal.

Bassist Jeff. You can sort of but not really make out drummer Richard at back.

Those shakin' punks.

Germ Attak! were next. Despite The Radio Bridman shirt these guys are a lot closer to The Varukers, Exploited and that lot.

Jo shouts!

Drummer Will. And doesn't have The Bayou have a nice new backdrop?

Bassist Mavrick (not Simex as I had originally). Punk has certainly changed since I was a lad - I mean, look at that Burnside.

The whole lot!

And one more of Will.

Germ Attak play at the Bronson Centre with Take One For The Team December 6. Critical Convictions' next show is at the Rocker Room with The Fucking Machines December 23.


punxottawa said...

wierd that while looking for info on a varukers 7inch ive never heard of,these germ attak photo came up in a google search! ... anyways,thats germ attaks old bassist mavrick,not Simex ...
you can download all germ attak millions of releases:

A.C. said...

Oops, that's fixed, thanks.