Friday, August 15, 2008

Musical Devizes

Since I met up with my former coworker at the Shawn Tavenier and Silver Creek show we decided to do the circuit of stages - our final destination was going to be Justin Rutledge, but we started with Jon Amor on the River Stage. He's nominally a British blues musician who once played with The Hoax, but his sound made me think more of mod rockers like The Action and the 1970s Stiff Records crew. As a coincidence he comes from Devizes, which is not too far from where my grandparents lived in Wiltshire. He last came through Ottawa playing with The Hoax, his blues-rock combo, and mentioned performing at The Roxy.

The angular Mr. Amor and draftee bassist Pat Giunta.

Drummer Andrew Lamarche - another ringer.

Jon works the axe ... it's all in the facial expressions, I tell you.

Guitarist Dave - Amor brought him with him from Britain.

One least shot and it's off to see Rutledge.

In hindsight I should have stayed for the remainder of the set.

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