Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heavy rocks

Finally Boris brought down the house with their megavolume rock theatrics. Michio Kurihara and Wata anchored the show on either side, while Atsuo and Takeshi went bonkers in the middle. Unfortunately, I didn't have my high-speed lens with me, so many of these photos turned out darker than expected and don't leave an accurate impression of the smoke light (or the ear-crushing volume).

Those amplifiers, plus a see-through drum kit and a gong.

The crazy middle!

That Boris.

Doubleneck action!

Hmm, decisions, decisions ...

It's getting mighty smoky in here!

Singalong action!

I also shot some black and white photos. Here's Michio Kurihara.

Monochromatic action!


The end!

Just what I'd hoped for.

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