Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunday, bloody Sunday

My Sunday Bluesfesting was a bit more sedate than usual. I had hoped to get their in time to see Poorfolk and The Soiree, but I woke up late (the consequence of being baked in the sun on Saturday, no doubt) and by the time I'd actually got my act together it was 2:245. Part of the delay was because I had to go out and by a new bottle of sunscreen. The local supermarket only had the spray-on stuff in stock. In addition to warnings not to expose it to excess heat and one's eyes, they should add a caution not to apply it in an enclosed area. Hacking and coughing I made my way along the Ottawa River bike path - I'm eschewing my usual Somerset route since Booth is now a parking lot for a good chunk of the day - and got to Lebreton Flats in time to see a big chunk of Hollerado's set on the Giant Telecommunications Company Stage.

Hollerado, Bluesfest, July 6, 2008

I've heard many people singing Hollerado's praises, and they do indeed put on an excellent show. It's amped up power-pop, I guess, and I can see them on a bill with Sloan, although Hollerado strike me as being much more direct. There was plenty of running about and jumping on stage, and lead singer Menno finished things by running off into the audience ... hooray for cordless microphones! They'll be back in town August 22 for iheartmusic's annual festival.

Les Breastfeeders, Bluesfest, July 6, 2008

Now Hollerado rock darn hard, but I think they're just edged out by Les Breastfeeders. This was the third time I've seen the band in action. Both times they've totally destroyed, and their Giant Financial Institution Stage set was more of the same, but at higher volume. Tambourine player Johnny Maldoror wasn't around ("He's in jail again" was the band's explanation), but even without their secret weapon they were punchy as hell.

Chuck Prophet, Bluesfest, July 6, 2008

After Les Breastfeeders' gig wrapped up I zipped over to the Black Sheep Stage to see Chuck Prophet. I was a fan of his work with Green On Red, and I think his solo stuff is just as charming. Unfortunately I forgot my earplugs at home, and after having my tender drums pummelled by Hollerado and Les Breastfeeders at point-blank range, I was ready for a sonic respite. I snapped a few pics then retreated to the hill to view the set from afar.

The Acorn, Bluesfest, July 6, 2008

That done I walked over the Hill to see The Acorn. They sounded sharp as usual, though as with Richard Thompson's set I could hear some sound creeping over from the River Stage. Fortunately the Acorn is a bit louder than Richard Thompson and it wasn't a distraction (at least not where I was). As for his splattered shirt, Rolf was joking that he'd engaged in a death match with B.B. King. He also said the band wanted to check out Snoop Dogg. Some people laughed. "Is that supposed to be funny? I wasn't joking." After some pleasant sun-stroke songsmithery I headed back over the hill to see some of James Blood Ulmer.

James Blood Ulmer, Bluesfest, July 6, 2008

Ulmer was once Ornette Coleman's axeman, and has continued to use Coleman's theory of harmolodics in his music-making. Not many people do, but since Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux - one of my all-time favourite bands - has mentioned his own interest in the theory, I thought I'd check him out. I did enjoy his sound, but was still feeling a bit baked. There wasn't much of interest to me later on in the evening so I headed on home after a brief pause to listen to Snoop Dogg.


starlagurl said...

Hmmmmmmm. Hollerado vs. Les Breastfeeders? Can't agree with you on that one, Andrew. Hollerado = so much better.

A.C. said...

Hollerado put on a great show, but I think Les Breastfeeders have them beat in the songwriting department ... and that's even with me not understanding half of what they're singing (or maybe that should be "because of").

Anonymous said...

Hollerado > Les Breastfeeders... don't get me wrong, they're both awesome.