Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready set cowgirl

Bluesfest started about three weeks ago, so it's about time to start posting some more photos from said shindig. Here's kickoff act Matt Mays and his crew. As I said before he rocked hard. I read a review of his latest CD Terminal Romance in Exclaim! and writer Jason Schneider seems peeved that Mays has moved away from the melodic country rock of The Guthries. I like The Guthries too, but I'm not sure Canada is suffering a dearth of country rock bands.

That Matt.

Guitarist and show MAP (most active player) Jay Smith.

The keyboardist isn't a regular torpedo ... I think he's Rob Crowell.

Bassist Andy Patil ...

Dual guitar action!

It's clapping - and Bruce Springsteen time.

Singalong action, early and late.

Big finish!

Unfortunately I wasn't in a good position to snap a photo of drummer Tim Baker ... maybe next time.

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