Sunday, July 13, 2008

Both kinds of heavy

Okay, enough Bluesfest stuff for 24 hours ... Back on June 20, Garaga released their debut LP - on honest-to-goodness vinyl with a CD insert. They even had a snazzy embossed cover so you know you haven't been duped by unscrupulous Garaga record counterfeiters. Boom Creek opened the show, but I was too late to catch them, darn it!

Tokyo Sex Whale was the next act, and they sounded in top form - which is good, since they recorded this set.

Pauls strums!

Julia sings. J.P. drums!

The whole lot! With insufficient lighting!

Smiley Julia and J.P. action!

And some last-minute hair-tossing.

I was a bit late to catch their whole set, which is why so few pictures ... onward! Garaga finished the night off, and not only do they have a new record, they have a new drummer - Gruesome John Knoll.

The whole lot!

Kneebending action!

Stringbending action!

Singalong action!

John sings! And glows a bit. Should have sped the shutter up a bit.

Heavily amplified action!

And a final toast to Satan, who made all of this possible.

I was feeling a bit blitzed by the end of the night, I can tell you.


Liz Granite said...

Chick + Bass = Awesome!

A.C. said...

I believe that's called the "C'mon Equation" among certified rockologists.