Monday, July 07, 2008

Crowd pleaser

I better get back to posting pre-Bluesfest pictures or it will be mid-July before anyone finds out about Brant Bjork - or Bonjour Brumaire. The Montreal rockers closed out the iheartmusic-presented show at Mavericks with a pleasant merger of Britpop and French pop. For some reason they remind me uncannily of the Frank and Walters - particularly their hit Brooklyn. Despite forming only a year and a half-ago, they've already lodged a bunch of songs in the charts and won a few awards. They also recorded their well-respected 2008 debut De La Nature Des Foules with Ryan Battistuzzi, who has done similar work for two other francophone breakout artists, Malajube and Les Breastfeeders. This was their first show in Ottawa, but no doubt we'll hear more from them soon.

Frontman Youri Zaragoza.

Guitarist Nathan Howard rocks the White Falcon.

Bassist Jordan Larocque; I don't have any good solo photos of him, but that's okay because he's all over the place.

Drummer Francois Lessard is supposed to be a funny guy.

Karine Novelle on keys.

Bonjour action!

And so on.

Lots of singing along with this bunch.

A fine set, though a bit overshadowed by Winter Gloves' hyperkinetic set.

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