Monday, July 07, 2008

Out of bounds

There's a bunch of interesting stuff going on this week around town outside of the usual Bluesfest stuff. Rick Crook of the Reatards and Reigning Sound is in town with his Lover! project on Tuesday. He's playing at the Dominion with Mother's Children, Savage Crimes. Yes, it'll mean missing Fergie at Bluesfest, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Pickseid, Gusto Fiasco, Fuzzy Bunny Slaughterhouse at the Bytown Tavern.
On Wednesday, the appropriately named Fuck Yeah Festival Tour brings Israeil wildmen Monotonix, Toronto crazies Brutal Knights, Team Robespierre a bunch of art from Space 1026 to Mavericks.

The Creeps, Cafe DeKcuf, May 27, 2006

Thursday The Jolts and The Creeps liven up the Rock'n'Roll Pizza Party at the Bytown Tavern.
Friday Snatchback, The Valveenus, and Gusto Fiasco play The Bayou; Joe Brownrigg and The Guilty Minds, Alex R. Newman perform at Cafe Dekcuf. Recon, xAFBx, Thick As Blood, The Miles Between and King of Kings perform at Mavericks. It's garage time at Irene's with The Von Drats, The Midways with Shanker and Romps.
Saturday, Gunsmoke, The Rookers and Holy Cobras rock the Dominion Tavern; Kristopher Roe, Fire Heats Water, Hartford, and Jon Creeden perform at Mavericks. The Flaps perform at Irene's. The Vicious Guns and Machete rock Zaphod's.
Last and loudest, mighty Japanese rock lords Boris destroy Babylon with Torche and Nachtmystium on Sunday.

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