Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bringing up baby

As I noted in my post about their Cafe DeKcuf show in June, Bella Bombs lead guitarist e-Bomb is expecting. With the latest addition to the Ketchum family expected in mid-October, The Bella Bombs threw a punk rock baby shower with a host of rocking Ottawa bands. I missed a few openers, but caught the latter half of the gig after work. The Bella Bombs were just starting up as I arrived.

e-Bomb and Honey Bomb.

It's all about the stripes with Suspect Device and Turbo Bomb.

Bomb action!

And lots of the usual singalong action with Turbo Bomb.

e-Bomb is definitely looking ready.

And so on.

They even have the merch table properly stocked.

No appearances planned for the immediate future - not of the musical variety anyway.

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