Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Animal logic

Once again Akron/Family pays a visit to Ottawa. They've gone from Zaphod's to the First Baptist Church to Barrymore's and put on a swell show every time. This time they had a couple of stateside acts with them: North Carolina's Megafaun and Vermont experimentalist Greg Davis, along with Ohbijou. Megafaun's Appalachian-rooted folk made me think of Ottawa's own Golden Famile, though Megafaun puts a lot more touches of discordance into their work. The band is two brothers, Brad and Phil Cook, and drummer Jan Westerlund. They were in a surprisingly good mood considering that some of their gear was lifted in Toronto a couple of nights previously. They went over very well, and had no trouble in coaxing the crowd into singing and clapping along for a couple of numbers.

First, the lighting of the band incense by b'rer Brad.

Drummer Jan in blue.

And finally Phil.

Brad and a whole lotta incense smoke.

Clap along action!

Phil sings!

As does Brad!

Well, who doesn't these days.

As their set came to a close Greg Davis came on stage to merge his dronescapes with their music.

Some folks may recall his opening set for The Books back in mid-April. He's added a harmonium to his setup for extra droning goodness.

He still has the laptop, of course.

He didn't look like much of a happy camper when his set was coming to a close - there was a fair amount of gesturing directed toward the soundman as the set proceeded.

Ohbijou was up next, giving the men of Megafaun and Davis a chance to take it easy before they joined Akron/Family on stage.

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