Thursday, October 11, 2007

The birds and the belugas

Let's face it - it's not a baby shower without a lot of loud stoner rock. At least, not the baby showers I get invited to. And TokyoSexWhale do it up in style. This time they raided the hatrack to give it a little something extra.

It's hats 'n' helmets all 'round as the show begins.

"That's not a hat, it's his real hair!" says Julia.

Julia's helmet didn't last long.

J.P. models the communist cowboy look.

Time for some of that singin' stuff.

A double exposure, taken and posted inexplicably.

And finally some rock posing from Yogi!

Big finish!

Since they have no baby-producing plans in the near future - not even Japanese whale babies - TokyoSexWhale have a show on the go with Mad Parish and Jesus Mullet at Zaphod Beeblebrox Oct. 20.

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