Monday, October 01, 2007

Death and unlife

Zaphod Beeblebrox featured a nicely synchronized bill featuring a pair of bands influenced by the British of indie rock circa 1985-95 and one of those newfangled collectives courtesy of i(heart)music.

First up were Ottawa's own Murder Plans, a band I'm now kicking myself for not catching earlier. A very together act that takes a few cues from mod-pop and '80s indie rock like Orange Juice. Their set was very sharp and energetic and I'm looking forward to giving their EP a listen.

The Coast put on an equally energetic performance. I've heard them compared to The Verve, an impression that didn't really survive the show ... these guys would be great on a bill with The Diableros, though.

Finally The Ghost Is Dancing wrapped things up with their collective indie-rock. Eight members made the trip to Ottawa this time around (compared to six when they opened for Jetplanes of Abraham's CD release show). A fun set featuring a finale with the members of The Coast getting on stage for a The Coast Is Dancing version of Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released.

As you can see, there was also some disrobing involved.

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michael said...

Hey Andrew,

This is an excellent blog! It was pleasure meeting you last night. I'm very glad that you liked our set and I hope you enjoy the ep, perhaps you would be interested in reviewing it sometime! Keep in touch.

Thanks again for your support,

the murder plans