Saturday, October 27, 2007

Think about it

Somewhere, buried in the depths of my collection of photos, is a handful of pictures from the first time I say Do Make Say Think. They played at Babylon with If Then Do and Daydream Square, June 24, 2003. I may dig them out some time, since I don't think they ever made it online. I've seen a few of DMST's expansive membership performing with other bands (notably z'Howndz and, of course, Broken Social Scene) and they've intrigued me for the last few years. Since they were in town on a rare day off for me, I decided to check them out at Mavericks. For some reason they were initially slated to play the Capital Music Hall. That venue strikes me as a bit large for them, while Mavericks is a little small. Since Jetplanes of Abraham were the opening act, you can understand the place was packed when I showed up at 10 p.m. Unfortunately I missed almost all of Jetplanes of Abraham (it's a tradition of mine ....). Here are the remaining photos that worked out:

Not much to go on, is it? Needless to say I decided to use flash for the other photos and invite you to click on the tag below to see the other shows of theirs that I've snapped. Ahem! On to Do Make Say Think. I'm not sure who everyone is, but I can identify most of the regular few.

Here's Ohad Benchentrit.

Julie Penner shows up with an awful lot of bands; she was here with Hylozoists as well. If this keeps up I'm going to give her her own tag. Justin Small is just behind her.

Dave Mitchell on drums. His co-drummer James Payment is just beyond him, while Charles Spearin takes a spin on bass.

(Head-scratching noises here.)

More doing, making, saying and thinking! Not in that order though.

Big tambourine-rattling finish!

That was fun, even if I don't feel a particular need to see them more than once every five years or so.

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