Friday, October 19, 2007

What to make of it

Off to Mavericks to see the relocated Do Make Say think show. Originally booked for Capital Music Hall, it had no problem selling out the much smaller venue. I wasn't the last guy to buy tickets - the guy behind me in line at End Hits on Wednesday might have been though, since they were down to two then. Unfortunately I thought things would be starting later than they did and only caught the tail end of Jetplanes of Abraham's set and an appreciative "Woo!" from the audience. That was at a few minutes after 10 p.m. I guess they need the early start time to accommodate all the shifting of gear. I'm no expert but I imagine being the soundman for this gig was a bit of a nightmare.

A quickly snapped picture of a few Abrahamites.

Do Make Say Think began their set with a bit of "technological difficulty banter." For all the grumbling the switch-around wasn't too lengthy and pretty soon they were into their first tune. Fifty minutes later: "And now for our second song."

I thought things took a bit to get interesting, but after they hit their stride all was good.

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