Friday, October 05, 2007

Twice as good

The run-up to the weekend boats a fabulous trio of shows, starting with Thursday's performance at Zaphod's by The Magnolia Electric Company and The Watson Twins. Like most people I first heard of the twins when they performed with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley on Rabbit Fur Coat. I'm a sucker for a good female vocalist and Americana, so the twin's performance naturally appealed to me a great deal.

Just don't ask me which one's Chandra and which one's Leigh.

I saw Magnolia Electric Company when Jason Molina and Co. performed at Barrymore's. It was nice to see them at a smaller venue. They aren't a band I could listen to for hours on end, but they do a good country rock rave-up.

They covered Hank William's You Win Again, pulled Northstar Blues from way out of their back catalogue and had Russ and Jay of the Watsons' band up to help out on bass and guitar.

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