Sunday, October 21, 2007

Once in a blue moon

It can be a bit tricky for some bands to pick an appropriate opening act. Then there's Eric's Trip. Since Three-quarters of its membership has a solo career and other bands to fall back on, they could practically run a weekend festival based around bands they're in. First up was Blue Heeler, the band Julie Doiron has former with Sir Dickie Morello following the dissolution of Shotgun and Jaybird (in a remarkable coincidence, the other guitar slinger in S&J, Shotgun Jimmie, is performing at End Hits tonight). Doiron's switched over to drums while Morello kicks out some seriously Neil Youngian fuzz on the guitar.

Morello in a most appropriate blue.

Dickie rocks the flip flops.

Good thing Julie's on stage later, because this picture of her is less than stellar.

They were followed by Moonsocket, the nom de guitar of Chris Thompson. "I normally do this on acoustic, but for tonight I'll go electric" he announced (all quotes approximate) before his brief set.

I'd like to check him out on acoustic. As an electric performer I didn't find him hugely compelling. Blue Heeler was really good, though.

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