Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Accesorize after the fact

Good2Go have released a bevy of CDs, and their latest is my fave of the three (or is it four) I've heard. I think I hear the band getting a bit more adventurous on Accesorize, their latest CD, but I'll save deeper thoughts on that for when/if I ever get off my lazy bum and do a rundown of recent releases about town. Until then I'll just post a bunch of pictures from their high-energy release show shindig at The Dominion.

Here we are, just a few seconds before (or after) my teaser post, with more percussion assistance from Maureen.

Gilles sings!

Reg gets bubbled.

Bubbles always make me think of The Prisoner.

Glenn and conspicuous camera flash.

Maureen in blue.

The whole lot!

Good2Go action!

And some last minute audience serenading!

They played the punk rock baby shower less than a week later, and hopefully they'll grace the town with another show before too long.

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