Friday, September 14, 2007

They'll go far

Of the four acts on stage on this occasion, Distant Society strikes me as the band most likely to seek and find success. Even someone who's not a huge fan of such Tool-influenced alt-rock (a category that includes me, my dusty copy of Aenima notwithstanding) has to admit they've got a very solid thing going: Good chops, good songwriting and they even have their own banner.

And they're off!

Joel sings! Here's one for all you dentists out there.

Antonio Martino and that banner.

Serge Menard sings!

Joel goes acoustic.

Rhythm section action!

Joel rises to new heights.

Big finish!

They have a new EP out dubbed The Calm. They're also looking for a new bass player. Their next show is at Mavericks' Sept. 29.

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