Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Muckety mucks

After Animal Collective wrapped things up I bicycled over to Irene's for some garage rock. Montreal's Sonic Avenues were dragging their sweaty selves off the stage to make way for Muck and The Mires as I arrived. The band is based in Boston, a town that has produced a few noteworthy garage rock bands in its day. Indeed, M&tM won Little Steven's Underground Garage battle of the bands, and have a new record made with the assistance of bonkers rock guru Kim Fowley in the can (or thereabouts).

They kicked things off with some twisting sounds, featuring actual twisting audience members (i.e, Patrick and Romps).

Brian sings'n'snarls.

Muck rocks the Ian Hunter look.

JQ basses from on high.

Jessie sings!

Mired action!

Attack of the killer guitars!

The whole lot!

Feelin' the ceilin'.

Brian contemplates another lead.

Leaning action!

Okay, get outta heah!

That was pretty tough-sounding stuff.

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