Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mid-August is not a great time for shows. And this particular showcase at Zaphod's was not the musical highlight of my year (then again, it wasn't Hedley trying to cover Bob Marley either). Four different acts playing short sets, starting with Lostinside. They spell it all caps, perhaps to distinguish themselves from Lost Inside. Musically it's kind of mopey punk metal. They do it well, but can't say I'd be able to pick them out of a lineup of genre practitioners.

Last time they got around to listing their membership, they were a quintet, but they've picked up a sixth recently. Quite who's who I'm not sure, though I'm fairly sure that's Chris in the hat in the photo below.

Jordan on bass.

Elsewhere we've got Geordie and Matt, but quite who that is I dunno.

Jonno on drums.

That was okay, but it'll be more interesting to hear what they come up with three guys concentrating on guitar.

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