Sunday, September 09, 2007

Flickering lights

The Arts Bazaar concluded with a performance from The Luyas. The band is composed of Jessie Stein, who I first saw playing at Mavericks as the frontwoman of SS Cardiacs and recently caught as a quarter of Miracle Fortress at Babylon. Pietro Amato I've seen before performing with Torngat and Bell Orchestre. Stefan Schneider, also of Bell Orchestre, rounds out the trio. With Amato's French horn and Stein's distinctive girlish croon and guitar the trio does sound remarkably like what you think a combination of SS Cardiacs and Torngat would.

A shadowy shot of Stein.

An even more shadowy shot of Pietro.

A not so shadowy shot of Stefan and his flowery kit.

They brought Christmas lights and flowers with them to decorate the stage area. I think that's my knee at stage front.

Jessie sings into the horn microphone.

It was later clipped onto the microphone stand for greater ease of use.

I did something funny with both the shutter speed and white balance here.

Lowdown rocking action!

And a few more shots with flash.

Their new CD Faker Death is also swell.

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