Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hot on their trail

The Banditas don't get out and about much, and when they do I almost always seem to arrive too late for their shows. Well, not this time - even though I had to pedal my way in from Hunt Club Rd. I managed to make it home (and nearby Babylon) in time to catch their set. This July 19 show was an LP release gig for their Last Drag labelmates Tokyo Sex Whale.

Crouching Scott!

Singing Liz!

Looking upward CiV!

Banditas action!

The whole lot!

The whole lot in funny colours!

Too bad if you didn't catch 'em, they usually hibernate for months at a time. Of course, if you want to see Scott and CiV ditch their instruments for microphones, you should be at the Dominion Sept. 29 for yet another record release show, this time for The Fucking Machines' full length (also on Last Drag, natch).

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