Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lawn order

Dartmouth-to-Ottawa transplants The Grass play rambunctious rock that runs its way through 1960s psychedelica, '70s country rock, '80s something-or-rather and '90s shambolica (I just invented that word). A good chunk of their charm comes from the evident fun they're having on stage. They've got a bunch of members (they were down one for this show, slide player Geoff Tobin having given up the touring lifestyle) so I hope I got people's names right. They're currently touring behind their new album, Report All Ghosts.

Willis Ryan ... I think.

Lindsay Rogers gets credited with both fiddle and violin - I'm not sure which one this is.

I'm going to blame this grainy photo of Dylan Ryan on the smoke.

Padtrek McNally gets in some quality tambourine time. He also plays bass, guitar, harmonica and video games.

Adam Burke on the keys.

Video game solo! That's Nick Wolfe on guitar.

Grassy action!

Guest harmonica action!

The whole grainy lot!

Lawn order!

The advantage of being the tambourine player is that you can drink and play at the same time.

Twistin' action!

Nick Wolfe does some end of show rock posing. And why not?

Big finish!

Occasionally disorganized and darn entertaining.

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