Monday, September 03, 2007

Motion in the ocean

One power trio evidently wasn't enough for Paul " Yogi" Granger. In-between his stints with The Double Pumpers, Ukrainia! and running his studio, he's teemed up with Montreal expatriate Julia Loan and Dead City Rebel turned Long Timers drummer J.P. "Iron Sheik" Sadek in TokyoSexWhale. They get compared to stoner behemoths like Kyuss on a regular basis - fair enough, they certainly worship at the same Sabbath altar. They brought out the stacks for this LP release show and were pretty darn loud.

Julia sings!

J.P. sings!

Paul does not sing. At least not in this photo.

Faceoff action!

Hair-swinging action! The sign on J.P.'s bass drum directs the crowd to wear they can purchase earplugs.

Twice the Paul, twice the stacks!

Julia does her Elvis Costello Impression.

Paul must be one of those yogic flyers I keep hearing about.

Feedback action!

Near and far action!

Big finish!

A really heavy-hitting show (I think some of fillings may have loosened). Their new LP, with CD enclosed, is also fab. They play Babylon again Sept. 28 and The Dominion Oct. 20.

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