Thursday, September 27, 2007

All in the family

Akron/Family have been super every time I've seen them, and last night was no exception. Despite having lost some gear two nights ago to some light-fingered louts on Toronto, they were as buoyant live as at previous shows at Zaphod Beeblebrox and the First Baptist Church on Laurier. They also changed things up a bit, absorbing some tourmates into their live show.

First up were Megafaun, the only act on the bill I hadn't seen before. Here are brothers Brad and Phil Cook. I'm not quite sure who's who, but I do believe it's in that order.

They segued directly into Greg Davis' number. He also opened for Books a little while back.

Ohbijou rolled through town for Bluesfest just a couple of months ago. I liked their sound a bit better this time.

Finally Akron/Family put on a long and jammy set. They performed this set as a septet, featuring all of Megafaun and also all of Greg Davis (because he is just one guy, you know), but no Ryan.

They encored with some shirtless boy band pop.

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Anonymous said...

I saw them at the bowery ballroom on sunday and they really are a great live band. I also noticed that they were a man short. Do you have any idea why Ryan left the band?