Thursday, September 20, 2007

The other one

If it's a Sunday, it means there may be something unusual going on at The Rainbow. They seem to have been opening themselves up to a larger number of non-blues acts of late, and while the quadruple bill on stage Sept. 9 wasn't miles away from the blues (some plentiful minor pentatonic work was in evidence), it wasn't on the Muddy Waters-to-Stevie Ray Vaughn axis the venue usually offers. Bill Murray was on stage when I walked in. He's a reggae performer from Toronto with a good voice and a musical style that will appeal to fans of the real stuff.

Murray was joined on stage by bassist Matt and drummer Sibot (who unfortunately only shows up in the picture below).

Bill in blue. Or bluish-green.

A slightly fuzzy Matt.

And so on!

Yeah, it's sort of a half-size post, but I only caught the last couple of songs, so there you go.

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