Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ghost of a chance

The Phantom Shifters are definitely serious about being back in business. This show they retired their cover of BTO's Not Fragile and introduced a new song, Mamma. Like their reunion gig a short while back, they rocked hard.

Ryan Kerr belts it out. As emcee John Westhaver noted, he's graduated from two strings to four.

Some amplifier worship from Dave.

Greg Kerr and his new Ampeg guitar.

Drummer Chris Lee goes with basic black.

Those Kerr boys, grimacing as usual!

A liquid salute to CKCU's fundraising success!

Double faceoff action!

Monitor standing action!

They were a tough act to follow.


Anonymous said...

Great work as always Andrew... I was watching this Blog daily, waiting to see the pics of that new Ampeg Guitar!... Vain as I can sometimes be, I couldn't wait to see how it Photographed...! (Greg Kerr)

Louise said...

Hey Andrew, how come you use so many exclamation points?!


A.C. said...

I got a bunch on sale. Gotta use 'em sometime!!!!!