Friday, November 10, 2006

The outer limits

Having just caught Regulations I raced over to Zaphod's in hopes of catching headliners 120 Days. No need to hope, since as it turned out the first band, Out Reason, hadn't even left the stage (and 120 Days didn't even end things - they played third before Embassies of Denmark). As for Out Reason, they seem like an affable bunch, fine musicians, solid original material, but too conventional to interest me a great deal. I guess if I listened to more Dave Matthews, Wallflowers or Matchbox 20 I'd dig them more. I should mention that since they didn't introduce themselves from the stage while I was there that this could be some other band entirely ... I can't find anything about Out Reason on the Internet either, so here's a bunch of photos about which I can say little more.

I won't say they didn't try.

They asked the audience to sing the chorus to one of their songs, which as far as I can tell went "And maybe a Lexus." GTO namedropping I can bear, but Lexus?

To sum up, an energetic performance about which I cared very little. I was prepared to not be interested by the next performance, if only because they swiped their name from a band that is well enough known to discourage such things. Since The Undead's bassist is sporting a Misfits shirt I'd like to think they'd heard of Bobby Steele's offshoot, but we live in dire times so perhaps not. After seeing the lead singer's hoodie and off-centre ball cap I was a little worried that I was about to be subjected to a short set of rap rock. Fortunately The Undead play a sort of doom-death metal hybrid in the vein of dISEMBOWELMENT, Winter and such evil kin. Active stage performance too. Unfortunately I couldn't find out much about these guys either.

I like the lighting in this photo a lot.

Wish I'd gotten in both feet in this one ...

Mosh pit action!

Solid show from these guys. They aren't note-perfect, but they've got the right vibe.


Anonymous said...

i love dISEMBOWELMENT! - Shub

Bill Guerrero said...

Andrew - I don't know if anyone's ever done so, but thank you for your insight and forthrightness.

Anonymous said...

Our "local" scene believe it or not puts the Vancouver scene to shame. I.M.O. National Capital Rock proves this. There always seems to be something interesting and creative going on. Andrew your doing a fantastic job covering the Ottawa scene.