Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sean on

It's funny to think that Sean Tillman started his musical career as part of Amphetamine Reptile recording artists Calvin Krime. But even back then he was moving in a pop direction. I thought his show as Sean-Na-Na was pretty good - no doubt he likes Cheap Trick as much as I do - but he was overshadowed by the headliners.

Sean Tillman - a.k.a. Har Mar Superstar.

Keyboardist Lucky Jeremy, wondering why I was taking so many pictures of him (answer: Because I kept aiming too low).

Guitarist Dave Hernandez.

Bassist Patrick Costello.

Rump-shakin' action, and a half-decent shot of Dennis Franz lookalike Ben Webster on drums.

Matty of various record stores fame was pulled on stage to celebrate his birthday with some shots of Jagermeister.

They're a happy lot.

Taking it low action!

I like to think the band finished the night by drinking more and heading off to the strip club next door.

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