Sunday, November 05, 2006

Three times three

I popped around to Babylon for the Weapons of Mass Seduction's CD release party. This show was co-sponsored by CKCU - I mention this because it's the station's last day of fundraising. Dial and donate if you haven't already. As for the show:

Montreal's Nymphets still make me think of Jonathan Richman and early Television Personalities. They covered Bad Brains, The Kinks and Turbonegro. A bit sloppy but perhaps that's the point.

The Weapons of Mass Seduction. Let's hear it for desperate men!

And of course C'mon. A short set for them due to repeated string snappage. Good though. They have a new drummer.

More later, etc.
  • Show reminder: Andrew Vincent performs at The Manx with Rob Leary.

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markeroon said...

Nice snaps... thanks for these!