Monday, November 20, 2006

Army of love

C'mon always provide a solid evening of entertainment, as befits a band that made the notorious Top 10 Canadian Bands That @#$!ing Rock list a few posts back. That said, this show ended on a somewhat anticlimactic note after guitarist Ian Blurton broke a couple of strings on different guitars. Lacking a suitable replacement, things came to an early end.

Bassist Katie-Lynn Campbell from down low. Best bassist in Toronto, says Now magazine.

I forget if Ian was toting this shiny Les Paul Goldtop last time I saw the band.

That is indeed a new drummer, Dean Dallas Bentley. He's pretty darn good, and a fine replacement for Randy Curnew, who is now slinging hash in an Alberta mining camp.

Blurton blurts!

No C'mon show is complete without bassist bending.

Rhythm section faceoff action!

Katie-Lynn takes a turn at the microphone.

And last but not least, a couple more Katie-Lynn Campbell and DDB picture.

Unfortunately, I neglected to make good on my promise to buy their new limited edition EP. D'ohh!

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