Monday, January 26, 2009

The shape of things to come

The January doldrums seem to be fading away, and there's a host of stuff emerging on the horizon. So here's a rundown of interesting shows, which conveniently doubles as an excuse to drag previously unseen photos out of archives. We can just start things off with Male Nurse, a.k.a. Davey Quesnelle of Mother's Children and sundry other combos, who's playing a free show tonight at The Manx. This snap comes from his first show at Mavericks ... it's actually my first shot of his first show.

Male Nurse, Mavericks, June 4, 2006

In more free Male Nurse news, Davey has also just released his new EP, My Friends Are All Assholes, to the world for download.
I've already talked up M. Mucci's guitar-handling skills. He's returning to the Avant Garde for a show with lutist Jozef van Wissem this Thursday, allowing you to get your baroque and Takoma listening experiences in one fell swoop.
On Friday Andrew Vincent returns with his new album, Rotten Pear (being officially released tomorrow on Kelp Records). Grizzlar - another Quesnelle combo! - and Baby Eagle round out the bill at The Gluepot Pub. You can also check out Politique, Relief Maps and Ennuie at Zaphod Beeblebrox the same night.

Relief Maps, Bluesfest, July 9, 2007.

It seems like it's been a while since The Flaps played out; I caught 'em in August 2008; they're playing Irene's this Saturday. You can also check out Honeylanes, which looks to be the succesor of 59 Argle. Sedatives, The Creeps will be rocking their basement at 52 Park.

The Sedatives, Mavericks, July 9, 2008.

For some reason, Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Allesandro Cortini has set out on a tour of the world on his lonesome. His Ottawa stop will find him performing at the Avant Garde as Blindoldfreak on February 2 alongside Deadly Apples, Kakihara079 and Filter 27.
You no doubt recall my words of praise for Hollerado. They're back in town in February, not just once, but four times at Cafe DeKcuf. I'm betting that seeing them jump around up close on four separate Friday nights will be even more than their show at Bluesfest.
Downstairs at Mavericks on February 7 you can see Winter Gloves, who I found quite tantalizing earlier in 2008 when they visited town with Bonjour Brumaire. This time they're sharing a stage with The Weathermakers and Ruby Coast. If your tastes run more to fucked up rock, Savage Crimes and Fucked Corpse will be performing at The Rocker Room on the same night - mostly to themselves since the place has a capacity of 50 and Fucked Corpse has 47 members.

Winter Gloves, Mavericks, June 19, 2008.

On Valentine's Day you can hear how love can be a massacre, courtesy of veteran Bytown cowpunks The Black Boot Trio.
It's been so darn long since I saw Jay Clark and The Jones at the Dominion (photos of that April 17, 2004 show can be seen at the Birdman Sound website), I'm almost surprised to hear they're still active. But active they are, with a show at Irene's February 20 with the Pamela Brennan Experience. Modernboys Moderngirls, The Centretown Cripplers, and hotly tipped (by me) local outfit New Teeth play Zaphod Beeblebrox the same night.
The next night, Babylon will rock to the sounds of The Polymorphines - who have a new CD on the go - The Felines and Dany Laj and The Implosion. Incidentally, Felines bassist and vocalist Morgan A. Cook (that's her below at right) has an exhibit coming up at Irene's featuring portraits of Ottawa's rocking women. It runs from May 11 to June 11; the vernissage is May 12.

The Felines, Bytown Tavern, October 21, 2008.

February 26 there will be too much entertainment at Babylon with performances by fuzzy-wuzzy lo-fi king Nobunny, Windy City rock devolvers The Smith Westerns, local party animals The Beach Blankets and devilish Montrealers Demon's Claws.
Malajube, Young Galaxy will be bringing art-rock and space-rock to Babylon March 13. Both bands have played swell sets when I've seen them live.

Young Galaxy, Zaphod Beeblebrox, March 4, 2007.

I'm guessing tickets to see Bloc Party at the Bronson Centre Theatre March 17 will sell out well in advance, even at $35 per.
When I saw Bell Orchestre and more at First Baptist Church back in September 2006, things were a bit sticky. Great show though, so it's good to see they'll be back at the church March 18 (and for only half of what Bloc Party is charging).
You might want to mark March 21 on your calendar as well, since Evil Farm Children and Boom Creek will be rocking the heck out of Irene's.
The Fiftymen have booked two nights at The Elmdale Tavern, April 17 and April 18; no doubt both nights will be jammed.
Finally, Swedish pop trio Peter, Bjorn and John will be making an Ottawa whistle-stop on their CD release tour, at the Capital Music Hall April 26.


Jeb said...

The Evil Farm Children & Boom Creek show is at Irene's, but on March 21st, not the 31st, as noted.

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Oops, that's fixed.

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