Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm in love with my car

I went over to Zaphod's to check out Dears associates The Receivers. There were a couple of othre bands I'd heard of but not heard opening things up, both of which proved more interesting than the headliners. The name Micarza Camaro has been bandied about within earshot for a few months now. They're pals with some of the Kelp folks and Camp Radio. Their guitar rock is an interesting amalgam of new wave and roots rock. I'm darned if I can think of anyone who they particularly remind me of.

First, a couple of not really working black and white photographs of singer and guitarist William Norcross ...

... and drummer Jon Nevala.

Here's Sebastien Dupont - appearing previously on this here blog as a member of F!ght F!ght F!ght and Crowded Skies.

Nathan McCunn on six strings.

Automotive action!

The whole lot!

And so on!

A good first brush.

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