Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the red

Here's a few more shots of The Scarlett Fever's set at Zaphod's . There were only a few people there (I dare say the band new most of the audience personally), but that's to be expected from a Monday winter show, even if the weather wasn't nearly as hideous as it is now. What was hideous were my photos. All this slack time has obviously eroded my meagre skills (the smoke didn't help). Anywhay, here's a dozen serviceable snaps.

Dan Doran appropriately illuminated in red.

A not-quite-as crimson Tap Noonan and his handmade guitar.

Bassist Andrew Burns, not so red.

Drummer Wes Reed, a lot less red and smoky after much computer tinkering.

Feverish action!

I also shot a few photos in black and white, and probably should have shot more.

Singalong action!

Tipping action!

Big finish!

They'll be playing Bassline Station on January 24 and Cafe DeKcuf February 24.

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