Thursday, January 08, 2009

Royal welcome

And so our evening comes to a close, with much craziness from King Khan and BBQ - and the audience, which have been getting steadily more manic in the last few years of seeing the duo live.

BBQ was unhappy about being pelted with stuffed rabbits.

Khan works the crowd.

Radioactive BBQ action!

Khan rocks the six strings.

Khan and Sultan action!

The audience draws ever closer (and almost falls over).

BBQ sings!

The folks from Golden Triangle leaped on stage to add to the craziness factor of the final few numbers.

Droops has snake appeal.

Droops sings backup!

Another of the soon-to-be demolished rabbits ... they were actually prepared by Paul Galipeau as props for Disorganized the previous night. By the end of the show they'd been torn asunder.

Khan kisses the boots of shiny, shiny leather.

Big finish!

There's going to be more Khan action coming through town in May 2009, as he returns with his Sensational Shrines. King Khan and Golden Triangle will be hooking up for some pre-SXSW dates in March as well, all south of the Mason Dixon Line.

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