Sunday, January 04, 2009

Squeeze play

Singer Jasamine White-Gluz started Bad Flirt back in 2002 as a solo deal. Since then she's acquired and lost an entire lineup, and also acquired a penchant for slightly breathy girl pop with some driving post punk rhythm lurking under the surface and electronic garnish. For some reason the name "Bis" came unbidden into my brain while I was listening to their stuff online. I haven't heard Bis in about a decade and have no idea how accurate the comparison is.


Laura in light.

Keyboardist Evan rocks the hoodie.

Drummer Raf.

Laura likes Satan.

The whole lot! Not shown, bassist Nick. For some reason he couldn't make it to this gig.

They're quite active on stage.

More Evan.

Downstroke action!

Like everyone else they seem to be hibernating over the winter, but you can read their blog at if you need more flirtation.

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