Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cancelled flight

I continue my dig through my photos from Bluesfest 2004 ... my photos from then appeared at the Birdman Sound website, but a bunch were never posted, and a few bands only got a single photo. Mr. Airplane Man was one whose only presence online (at least courtesy of my lens) has been over at, and that was a single snap and a few words: "Though the Black Keys failed to appear, there was still a large crowd for the newly appointed headliners, another guitar-drums duo, albeit a distaff one, Mr. Airplane Man. Their Howlin’ Wolf-influenced garage blues seemed tougher than it did last year, but I still have my doubts about singer and guitarist Margaret Garrett’s voice, which seemed a little flat". Since then I've tried to cut down on the use of "albeit."

Tara chimes in.

Dual action!

Margaret Leans.

And a couple more Tara photos.

Last I heard Tara was a Turpentine Brother - you can see her tonight if you happen to be in Tempe, Arizona - and Margaret was doing her own thing, and sounding much less flat.

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