Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who goes there?

What ... we ... have here ... is a failiyuh to communicate. There was some minor confusion over whether the Islands show at Capital Music Hall had been moved (it hadn't, but the rumour definitely was about). I was even tempted to zip over to Babylon to see if they had in fact moved, but decided to hell with it and walked off to George St. I got there expecting to see The Unireverse on stage, only to hear some kind of acoustic singer-songwriter stuff. No, The Unireverse haven't traded in their Moogs for Martins and Taylors. So who's that on stage?

Answer: Stephen St. Pierre, with Takamine.

Unfortunately, Malajube couldn't make it - Unireverse went on second.

Islands took the stage about 10 p.m., played for an hour, did a three song encore.

Good show, perhaps a bit more sedate than their Babylon show. This was my first time in the Capital Music Hall's new digs. Seems pretty nice, and I thought the sound was very good.

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