Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Repetition and noise

I enjoyed Shout Out Out Out Out's show last Wednesday - what with all the high kicks, drumstick twirling, "Holla!" and other on-stage hijinx it was certainly a fun visual spectacle. The music was good too. The band's brutalist punk disco didn't have the audience jumping quite as much as I expected, but the crowd was certainly vocal in its appreciation.

Camera! Action! Lights!

Out out out out action with Nik 7! Sorry, I don't know what happened to Niks 1 through 6. Bassist Jamie Wolfskin spaces out on the low end.

Drummers Snarf and Gravey, shown in a rare no-stick-twirling moment.

Whitey Houston - "That's not a hat, it really is his hair!" - says Nik 7. And note stick twirling at back!

Nik shows he's got sole. Jaycie Jayce on the keys.

More kicks! More lights!

It's gettin' sweaty! (Okay, so it already was sweaty ....)

Nik 7 gives his best mad scientist laugh.

Bass action with Nik and Jamie!

Some audience touching.

Closeup bass action!

The hair-shaking finale!

That was good fun, if a bit overstuffed.

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Anonymous said...

I was drinking over at the Laff listening to John Carrol (Wicked Wednesday night residency) and toured over to Zaphods after 11 to see if I could get in for free. I did. So I was able to check out three of thier songs and was impressed enough to stick around but I was glad I didn't pay for it. The crowd looked crazier than I have seen it in Zaphods. But I was at the back. I didn't make the Whitey Houston conection before you pointed that out?