Friday, September 29, 2006


The Reverb Syndicate are Ottawa's newest surf sensations. They've played a few shows around town starting back in June, and are a pretty effective combo. Like many a surf combo, they've added a cheesy back story to supplement their sound, a la Man ... Or Astroman? Yes, the four operatives of the top-secret syndicate are here to save us from godawful Top 40 dance music. They do this with their Spy-Fi sound - half Dick Dale, half Monty Norman. One hopes they have a shrine to Vic Flick somewhere in their top-secret headquarters.

I actually met syndicate bassist Agent Ampeg at The Hellbros show.

The Fixer fixes up some beats. Last time I saw him, he was carefully disguised behind a beard and a Telecaster.

Speaking of Vics - here's Vic 20, lead guitarist.

Agent Sovtek, rhythm guitarist!

Psychedelic go-go action from the Soviet Sisters!

Guitar a-go-go action!

Keyboard action!

The whole lot!

Their next show is Oct. 4 at The Rainbow.

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