Friday, September 22, 2006

Gimme some kicks

Man, was I feeling gruesome last weekend. After a perfectly fine dinner at my aunt's I cycled home - for most of the trip I felt like someone was trying to stab me with an icepick through my left tearduct. On the good side, I was feeling much better after grabbing some shuteye. On the downside, I missed Sound Team, who were opening for French Kicks at Babylon. I found the Kicks a bit Morissey-ish. I gather the band was spikier in its youth. Maybe they've been listening to Beach Boys records since then. They've certainly had a few lineup changes ... I think vocalist Nick Stumpf is the only Day 1 member.

Nick shows off his moves.

Drummer Aaron Thurston gets sweaty.

Guitarist Josh Wise.

Lawrence Stumpf, Nick's little brother. By about a foot.

"This is our friend Kush." El-Amin, that is - along to help fill out the band's sound with some judicious guitar and piano.

Dual vocal action!

Well-lit action!

Multi-tasking action!

French action!

That was very pleasant, if not hugely memorable.

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