Friday, September 08, 2006

The Highway to Bell

It feels like things have been a bit slow this week - perhaps because I've been cooped up at work - but not this weekend, where a multitude of fine acts (not to mention a bunch of wastrels and ne'er-do-wells) will be on stage for your viewing pleasure. Take tonight, for example. I'm off to the First Baptist Church to see Bell Orchestre and Torngat since I missed them at Bluesfest. But you might fancy going to see Million Dollar Marxists, The Fucking Machines, The Double Pumpers, Black Actors and some other folks perform at Babylon to benefit a Tanzanian AIDS orphanage, or go off to Barrymore's to see The Longtimers, Mighty Eagle Band and The Sweet Janes. If nothing else, it's an excuse to post some old pictures!

First, The Marxists from their chaotic March show at The Dominion to celebrate the release of their 7-inch.

And one of my first Sweet Janes pictures, from Mavericks.

Just the job for a night of well-behaved entertainment. And all pretty low-priced too, I might add.

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Anonymous said...

Belle Orchestre is over before 10pm so you should be able to catch it all.
I know i will try by being at the Coggs for 5pm.

FRIDAY !@$%^ #@&%$ YAY