Friday, September 01, 2006

Bomb you live

In lieu of new interesting stuff, here's a couple of photos from June - four-stroke and The Bella Bombs, who perform at Cafe DeKcuf tonight with Head Down, Machine Gun Dolly and Take One For The Team. The Bellas have been finishing up their album, and four-stroke will be opening for the Canadian Subhumans Oct. 27, so there will be much grist for stage banter, and perhaps a cover of Fuck You.

Four-stroke - hmm, not sure why I didn't use this pic first time around!

The Bella Bombs (or at least a sort-of visible Turbo-Bomb, E-Bomb and Honey Bomb)!

Also available for your viewing pleasure: Ladyfest Ottawa 2006 Line -up Launch with The Stolen Minks, Hexes and Ohs and Hunter Valentine at Irene's Pub. Accordionist Geoff Berner performs at The Black Sheep Inn with Wax Mannequin, and venerable rockers Dinosaur Jr. perform at the Capital Music Hall - or at least I hope they do, since it seems some bastard pinched all their gear in Brooklyn.

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