Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Friday night, and so much to do. But not as much as I said earlier. Does anyone know if that alleged Barrymore's show with The Long Timers, Sweet Janes et al. happened? I saw a fair number of those folks in the audience, if not actually on stage, so I imagine not. Anyway, I went more-or-less directly to Babylon from the First Baptist Church, and arrived in time to catch the tail end of Black Actors' set. This show was a benefit for an AIDS orphanage in Tanzania.

Those Black Actors: In front, Steve Lam and Brent Sweet, on the stage, David Secretary and Davey Quesnelle. I last saw them at Babylon back in April, doing their civic duty.

Look out!

Look up!

The end!

That was a fair bit to get out of one song, wasn't it? I did miss a couple of acts: The Million Dollar Marxists' Steve Adamyk did some stuff (or at least he was on the bill), and a couple of other Marxists performed as part of a trio called the Dinosaurs Impersonating Androids Symphony. Jon Kiely from Harshey predicted they would be the biggest thing to come out of Ottawa in 10 years, so they must have been pretty good.

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